What Is a Mayor’s Court?

A mayor’s court is an establishment that hears cases for traffic offenses and minor misdemeanors that do not result in jail time. Whereas in a municipal or state court the proceeding is heard by a judge, in a mayor’s court, a person presents their case to a mayor or magistrate. Often, the person hearing the matter does not have a law degree and undergoes only a few hours of training before presiding over cases.

Benefits of Mayor’s Court

Mayor’s courts have both their advantages and disadvantages. These institutions might offer more convenient hours and a less formal setting than that of a traditional court. Because a mayor’s court hears cases for low-level or traffic offenses, they can move through proceedings more quickly than others.

Unfortunately, mayor’s courts don’t keep records of proceedings. That means if someone feels they didn’t receive a fair trial, there may be nothing to go on to support their claim.

However, that does not mean a person cannot appeal the decision of a mayor’s court. If a person is convicted of an offense and they believe a legal error occurred during their case, they could take the matter to a County Municipal Court for review.

Transferring Proceedings to Other Courts

An individual is not required to have their case heard at a mayor’s court. They could make a request to have the proceedings transferred to an appropriate County Municipal Court.

Seeking Legal Representation

Regardless of whether a case is handled in a mayor’s, municipal, or state court, it’s advised that a person seek legal representation before attending proceedings. A guilty verdict could result in fines, administrative penalties, or jail time (for matters handled in municipal or state courts). A lawyer could work toward a more favorable outcome on their client’s behalf.

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