Ohio Concealed Carry FAQ

Ohio residents seeking to concealed carry a firearm face a lot of restrictions. Getting the permit can be difficult enough, but figuring out when a weapon can and cannot be carried can be a nightmare. To help educate people on this issue, we’ve put together a short Ohio concealed carry FAQ.

Q: Do I Need A Permit for Concealed Carry

A: Yes. Ohio is a “Shall Issue” state. You can file a permit application online or with your sheriff’s department. There is a $67 application fee. If you have no lived in the state for at least five years, there is an additional fee to conduct an FBI background check.

Q: When Can I Apply for a Permit?

A: Any Ohio resident can apply for a concealed carry permit so long as they are at least 21 years old and have completed at least 8 hours of firearms training. Service persons do not need to complete the class and pay no application fee.

Additionally, applicants cannot apply if they currently under indictment or charged with a felony. However, they may apply as soon as the charges are dropped.

Q: What Weapons Can I Concealed Carry?

A: Permit holders may conceal handguns and nothing else. Tasers, stun-guns, and pepper spray may also be concealed and do not require a permit.

Q: Can Non-Residents Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit?

B: Yes, but only if they work in Ohio.

Q: Can I Keep a Gun in my Vehicle?

A: Yes, if you have a concealed carry permit. If you do not, the gun must be unloaded and kept in a place not easily reached from the main cabin. Store a firearm as you would store an open container.

Q: Do I Have to Notify a Police Officer?

A: If a police officer stops you, you must advise them whether you are concealed carrying and whether you have a permit. You must also keep your hands in plain view at all times.

Q: Can I Concealed Carry in a Bar or Restaurant?

A: Yes, unless there are signs prohibiting concealed carry. Additionally, you may not consume alcohol while carrying a firearm.

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